The city is waking up again. Even if the restrictions didn’t loosen, Berliners can’t stay inside during summers. I have just recently been able to have a proper work-life balance after five years of financial struggle. Right now, the air seems lighter all around.

I’ve been learning words to ideas I didn’t know how to talk about before: transformative learning theory, alchemical psychology, and social scuplture. These came from reading the dissertation, “For the Love of Reality: Social Sculpture as Self-Experiment” by Ivan Provisoire. I’ve always felt that life is art and then it suddenly made so much more sense to say LIFE=ART=RESEARCH.

The goal is to embrace a new epoch. I know where and how I want to see myself in 5 and 10 years. The plan is clear. These intentions provide a basis that will allow for most fluidity while adapting to a new vision:

  • Pull together a new portfolio
    • Create 3-5 new mock campaigns
    • Package it inside 3 pages of a .pdf
    • Update skillset in CV
  • Finish building this site
    • Add a portfolio section built through Behance
    • Correct the spacing and margins
    • Add member’s section connected through Patreon
    • Add social media features (IG, TikTok, etc.)
    • Make one post per day
  • Maintain a stable routine of sleep, exercise, and ritual
    • A daily personal project
    • 8 hours of sleep
    • 2 hours walking the dog every day
    • 5-minute workouts spread through the day
    • 2 hours of analogue time before bed
  • Re-organise the work week
    • Allocate more time for pre-Covid clients
    • Allocate learning time
    • Allocate time for approaching new clients
    • Sustain a weekly admin shift